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Medical Legal & Insurance

At Sirona Medical we offer a range services supporting legal requirements e.g. reports and insurance activities as outlined below. If you don’t see something listed, please contact our reception team to assist you further.

Insurance Medicals

Your insurance company may request a medical assessment as part of a new policy proposal or a policy renewal. An insurance medical may consist of a report of your medical history to date or an examination and/or additional tests, and a report of your medical history.

Your insurance company must obtain your consent before they seek an insurance medical report from the doctor. You should discuss the required tests and reports thoroughly with your insurance company before giving consent so that you are fully aware of the information they will have access to. The report is confidential between your doctor and the insurance company.

Medical Legal

From time to time, a patient may require a medical legal report in relation to a legal case or issue. The request for this report is usually made through a solicitor and the patient, via the solicitor, is responsible for the report fee.

A medical legal report follows a very specific format and is a factual report compiled by the Doctor. It is necessary for the patient to attend for a consultation, specifically for the compilation of the report. Please note that Medical Legal Reports and appointments are not covered by the Medical Card / Doctor Visit Card and patients are responsible for all fees.